Aspiring Still

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For years I’ve described myself as an aspiring novelist.  So what do I call myself now that I finally can hold, touch, and sell (!) my debut novel?

Still aspiring. And perspiring.

Writing Come Back was hard! And it took forever! (somewhere around ten years, because I like to eat as well as write.)  All those things to think about – making characters breathe on the page, giving them stories, pasts, presents, futures, stringing their stories together to make one coherent (I hope) plot – and so much more!  And for a beginning novelist, all those are brand new leaps into the unknown.

And now that it’s published and out there in the world? The great unknown looms even larger!

Though I didn’t know how to write a novel when I began, I’d read hundreds – maybe thousands – of novels. All those authors whose works I love (and don’t) gave me road maps.  I didn’t know how they did it, but I could see their end results.

But marketing, promoting, selling? Ack! Where are those road maps? For one such as me who doesn’t know where to find them or even understand the language they might be written in?

Ah well. All through those aspiring years it took to write Come Back, I comforted myself that if I’d waited till I knew how to write a novel, I’d probably never write one.  Maybe it’s the same with shining a light on it now and pushing it out in the world?  I can only hope.

Which leaves me still aspiring – and also perspiring!


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