I LOVE My Book Club!

Are you lucky enough to be in a book club? I am, and the second Thursday of every month when we meet is one of my happiest days! Every meeting is like a fabulous meal – savory, spicy, and sweet, all in one bite!

I’ll start with the savory nature of our book club. We all make every effort to read the selected book. I’ve heard of other clubs whose primary objective is wine – which we also enjoy. But a love of books is what brought us together, and none of us feels quite right if we’re not prepared to discuss what we read.  We even named ourselves the ‘Really Read ‘Ems’ and a good many of us even take notes as we read.

We read broadly.  Some – maybe most – prefer fiction, but we’re open to non-fiction too. Some of us belong to more than one book club – but I think we’d all agree ours is the one we love the most.  Because we don’t skimp on the meat and potatoes – talking about books – we get extra joy from our spicy conversations about books and other far-ranging topics.

How we discuss a book is classy, fair, and fun.  We pass an object – a stand-in for a Native American Talking Stick – until each member has had her say. And we try – sometimes unsuccessfully – to listen and not interrupt until it’s our turn. Then it’s a free-for-all – where we might keep talking book or might be satisfied our earlier discussion said it all.

And the sweet? What a privilege it is to call these scary-smart women my friends! It’s a treat to catch up with everyone’s adventures and projects every month. We are a classic combination of those who’ve known each other for years and those who didn’t. As a group we share many commonalities with enough diversity to stretch our thinking.  The mind map below gives an inkling of some of the things we share and some of the ways we’re different.


As white upper-middle-class white women, we’re well-aware of the privilege afforded us by who we are, where we live, and what we have.  We rely on books to help us broaden our perspectives and understanding of the world – and especially of those who enjoy fewer privileges than we.

We love books, talking about books, listening to each other talk about books, and each other.  We love the wine and good food our hostesses serve too.

Am I lucky? Oh my, yes I am! I love my book club!

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