Thank you Karen!

Come Back PostCard 110217 I am so fortunate to have a friend who is: a talented photographer, an artist, a genius at design, a creative writer of whimsical children’s books, a novelist, and one of the most generous people I know!  Karen Sorce is a wonder!

Proof positive? Karen designed the cover for my novel Come Back – and I think you’d have to agree, it is gorgeous!

Someone recently asked me if getting to this beautiful cover was easy – if we got there right away. Oh no. Karen and I exchanged dozens of emails as I kept finding nit-picking little details I thought might dress up my baby in prettier trappings. I had to be a designer’s worst nightmare – the bridezilla of authors!

But Karen’s response? ‘This is such good practice for me!’

Can you believe that attitude? I’d have been growling and ranting at so many changes, but her response was always patient, understanding, and unbelievably generous! She even adapted the book cover into the bookmark pictured above – and again, she said, ‘I got a lot of good puzzling practice with this, which is good. And it kept me from doing other detestable chores like cleaning my house.’

How lucky am I to have such a great and talented friend? Lucky beyond belief!

Do yourself a favor and check out Karen’s books on Amazon. They will charm kids – and former kids – on your holiday gift list! Find them at  Bird ShoesSheep



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