Salutations: May 2018

Daffies in bloom, peonies rising

I love May, and in 2018, the month was more vibrant and appreciated than ever here in upstate NY. As an acquaintance said, ‘April made me cranky.’ Cold and wet, this April was an extension of a winter that long overstayed its welcome. So May was a special delight. With the first warmth, our world went green in a frenzy, as if April made plant life cranky too.

May brought the end of my classes for the semester and ‘school’s out for summer’ celebratory feelings along with a host of other joys – fresh rhubarb crisp, celebrating friends Bill and Robin who were awarded the Restaurant Association’s Silver Spoon Award (because they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but earned it) and their Last Bash as they sold their business, a road trip with an old friend to see two other old friends and more.  Sunshine, music, and even a few days to write!

Come Back 31 reviewsMy marketing learning curve remains steep, but I had more time to climb it in May. So far, Kindle Unlimited and personal sales seem to be how readers are finding Come Back. And they are saying kind things about my debut baby! If only all the people who told me the loved the book actually wrote reviews! If you’ve not yet written a review, I’d so appreciate it! Amazon uses reviews to decide what books to lift in what they show you. I’m sure the current 31 blessed reviewers are helping Kindle Unlimited readers find the novel. And I’m grateful! I’ve got another free promotion scheduled on June 8-9 followed by a week-long sale at only $.99! Grab your copy, enjoy, and PLEASE write a review on Amazon!

May brought lots of reading too. Here’s a round-up of what I’ve read – and yes, I have written reviews for these books!

29740478I loved how Laurie Frankel gave the tough subject such a light and loving hand.  She explored so much about the challenges and joys of parenting, family, and a transgender childhood. What a great read! I thank my book club friend Jody for steering us toward this important and pleasurable work!


My ‘other’ book club chose Noah Hawley’s book for May – and since my book clubs meet the same week, I was pushed to get them both read. My memory goes too stale for intelligent conversation if I read too far ahead. This one was packed with suspense as well as cautions about media coverage that loses sight of the real story. Money, power over women, and an epic cold water swim…fun!

37561377 Dawson created characters and a story of pure fun with some important messages about living one’s own life, taking chances, and finding what really matters. Amazon made this one of their monthly freebies for Prime subscribers and it’s taken off since! I’m glad I grabbed it when I did!



If you loved Backman’s characters Ove and Britt Marie, you’ll find something rather different in Beartown. Instead of poking gentle fun at quirkiness, Backman takes a more serious approach to an obsession with hockey in a town that has little else going for it, an obsession that abuses power and threatens to take precedence over justice. I found it a gripping tale – as I like sports books and movies more than I like sports themselves – that highlights another #me too moment.

3245080And now for one I didn’t love. I liked The Loop and Smoke Jumper a lot so when I saw this one by Evans on my library shelf, I anticipated a good read. But halfway through, I started to suspect I’d read it before. And that’s when it got predictable and dull – something to get through, not to enjoy. Maybe liked it more the first time. Not so much in May 2018.


I’m reminded of a trick I read about in another forgettable book – except for the trick one minor character used to avoid re-reading books from the library. She lightly circled a specific page number in pencil when she finished a book. Clever, I thought. I tried it for a while. But I’d forget – just as I often forget to record what I read on Goodreads. I’ll do better now, though – at least for a while. That’s the thing with lessons. They keep showing up until you finally learn!

So that’s Salutations for the beautiful, darling, lusty month of May. The April-like weather of early June predicts more reading – and writing – time soon!


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