Tichenor Point from the water

Salutations June 2018

In my part of the world, we try not to blink during summer months – because if you do, summer might be over just that fast. Alas, I must have blinked in June. So many things I hoped to do, read, create, and more – alas again – were left undone, unread, unmade. I’m a person who is slow to transition – and the switch from a rigorous teaching schedule to free-form summer leaves me wondering ‘What should I do today?’ As a result, I putter at a little of this, a little of that, and the day evaporates in front of my eyes. So in June, my putterings included kayaking and pool workouts, a little felting, beading, writing (too little), and clawing my way up the steep learning curve of book marketing.

Tichenor Point from the waterA friend has wanted to paddle the length of our lake – about 15 miles – for several years so we set a goal that this WILL be the year. So that’s had me out training – which is the best thing about such a goal. I know that to comfortably paddle the five hours it’s likely to take (based on my times when I’ve done it before) I need to build my arm and core muscles and toughen up my hands. So my mini-goal was 1-2 hours/week in June, 2-4 hours/week in July and August to be ready in early September. I did reasonably well in June, and on a few days when sailing would have been a better choice! Wind makes for extra work and adventure while kayaking, but a tough day paddling beats grading papers any day!

Black silk wrapAnother friend (married to the friend above) has arranged to include my beaded and felt creations (feltations) in her jewelry booth at upcoming arts/crafts shows and sales. It’s a win-win for me. I sell enough to support the habit, and I get to make more stuff than I ever hope to wear myself. But it also means I have to crank out inventory! Everything is for sale, but this light-weight summer wrap may be ‘previously enjoyed’ because I like it so much! I’m working on beaded bands for Apple Watch too. See more of our work on Pat’s Facebook page: Butterfly Junction Designs.

I’m pushing forward – slowly – writing Home Place, my next novel and hoping to get the first draft done before fall. The trouble is that my characters keep going off on tangents and avoiding the climax. Okay. I don’t quite know what’s going to happen yet, so that may have something to do with it too. I’ve spent the last few days pondering the question, ‘What would MacGyver do?’ But then I wonder if today’s readers will even know who MacGyver was. Look for a Facebook poll soon. I have to know!

June’s promo of Come Back was quite successful. Another 1000 copies sold and a record week of sales. I had another wonderful book club experience at the Canandaigua Yacht Club. See what they wrote in their newsletter below. What fun! Members helped reviews climb to 39 on Amazon and a whopping 52 on Goodreads! Wowza!

Setting Sail Book Club story

As you see, July will have promos too. A chance to get Come Back on Kindle for a deep discount July 16-22! Stay tuned!

And finally, what have I been reading…I added a PILE of remembered books to my Goodreads list – one of the ways I procrastinated writing – so if you check out my list, you’ll see 75 or more titles that were added last month. Those were the accumulation of years, not just one month! I’m voracious, but I’m not insane. So what I really read were:

0618loved this book! I was a tad ambivalent about Me Before You – even though the rest of my book club loved it and the message about the right to die was powerful. (But he was just such an ass – for so long!) But JoJo hit this one way out of the park. Such delightfully screwed-up characters in so many goofy – and smelly – situations! And some big, big takeaways: One…the giddy fizz of new attraction and love that she captures may tempt you to stray – at least in your head. Whew! Fizz is terrific, isn’t it? (And no, I’m quite happy where I am, thank you very much. But to re-visit the fizz in my head? Thank you, JoJo!) And two: if you can pay your bills on time without the anxiety of when a check will clear, you are rich! So says Jess in the story, and it was a great reminder of times in my life I’m grateful not to revisit. You probably have more than I do, but believe me, I feel rich!

I read a pre-release of Tina Hogan Grant’s novel Reckless Beginnings. Watch for it – and my review – when it comes out in October.

0618.HamiltonThe rest of my month – yes, all of my reading time – has been devoted to the tome of Alexander Hamilton. And I am only 38% through it! The man was an interesting and important figure certainly, but I think I may be learning more about him than I really wanted to know. I’m trying to reserve judgment because after three weeks, I still have 500 pages to go. But I am finding it a slog. I’m starting to understand why people might pay such high ticket prices to see the Broadway show! But more on that next month…because I might still be reading it then! Stay tuned…

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    • healthypeoplelearn says:

      Thanks Samantha! I heard about an experiment on NPR a long time ago that demonstrated that younger people were able to estimate the length of a minute better than those who were older. So apparently we’re hard-wired to see time zipping by more the longer we live. Seems like a dirty trick to me!


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