Come Back

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My debut novel

Vi Masters wonders…

Can you come home again?

It’s not like she wants to come back. Not when she ran from there ten years ago and the life she’s lived since.  But she can’t say no this time.

So how bad can three days be?

Her father and stepmother wonder too, fearing her visit will disrupt what each holds most dear. It’s no ride on a pink duck for Vi, especially when she finds out Nate Barlow has moved back to town. Vi wonders…

Can you survive treacherous hope?

Find Come Back (Kindle or paperback) on Amazon.  Your honest reviews will be deeply appreciated.

Reviews of Come Back

 Tina Hogan Grant: Loved it!  Sally Crosiar’s book Come Back was a fun, quick read that I enjoyed immensely and I do have to say I was intrigued after reading the blurb before I even started reading the book. When I began the book, it took me a few pages to get into the country swang of the … Continue reading Reviews of Come Back

Where is Freedom, Iowa?

Come Back takes place in the small town of Freedom, Iowa.  So where is Freedom? Beats me! I made it up! Sort of.  I transplanted my memories of a town – Utica, Illinois, population 1200, near the farm where I grew up – one state further west.  Names are tricky in writing.  If I used … Continue reading Where is Freedom, Iowa?

Local Press

Thanks to my good friend Barb Stahl who pitched a story to a terrific local journalist, Julie Sherwood of the Messenger Post, this happened!

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