Welcome to Your Healthy Self!

Healthy People Make a Difference!

And because healthy people matter so very much, my life mission – personal as well as professional – is to ‘INFLUENCE HEALTHY CHOICES!’ My choice today and for the upcoming duration…STAY HEALTHY AND HOME!

Sally Art jpegAllow me to introduce myself.

I am Sally Crosiar, author, educator, trainer/facilitator, and play-meister!

Keep clicking to see how I might help you:

  • Take excellent care of yourself so you have the energy to help others!
  • Work well with colleagues, clients, family, and friends!
  • Work to promote kids’ and family well-being!
  • Influence children, families, workplaces, and communities!


Home Place by Sally Crosiar



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This month’s quote comes to us from theFussyLibrarian.com and perfectly describes what I consider my ‘drug of choice’ – reading:

“The habit of reading is the only enjoyment I know in which there is no alloy. It lasts when all other pleasures fade. It will be there to support you when all other resources are gone. It will be present to you when the energies of your body have fallen away from you. It will last you until your death. It will make your hours pleasant to you as long as you live.” — Anthony Trollope