Healthy People Learn Workshop Topics

Want an exciting program for your next professional development conference? You won’t sit still in any of these sessions – and your learning will stick!

Self-Care for Healthy People

  • The Care and Feeding of the Helping Professional
  • Live On Purpose!
  • Find the Love of Your Life!
  • Goal Get ‘Em! Turn Good Intentions into Action!
  • You Do Have the Courage to Create Change!

Teamwork and Learning for Workplace Health

  • What’s Your Personality IQ?
  • Deal with Difficult People!
  • Let Someone Else Get Your Own Way!
  • First-Rate Facilitation for Active Learning

Raise and Teach Healthy Children!

  • School-Age Care Credential Prep Course
  • Raise Healthy Active Kids!
  • Prevent Childhood Obesity!
  • Character and Values Education
  • Create a Cool Cafeteria!
  • Create a Self-Disciplined Children’s Program!
  • Show Kids What an Adult with High Self-Esteem Looks Like! (I’ll show you how!)

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