Professional Development

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Want an exciting workshop for your organization? You won’t sit still in Sally’s active – and interactive – sessions!

Self-Care for Healthy People

Healthy individuals have the energy, ability, and smarts to create healthy families, workplaces, and communities! Infect your organization with contagious health!

  • The Care and Feeding of the Helping Professional
  • Live On Purpose!
  • Find the Love of Your Life!
  • Goal Get ‘Em! Turn Good Intentions into Action!
  • You Do Have the Courage to Create Change!
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Teamwork and Learning for Workplace Health

Life would be so easy if everyone worked like you, yes? Except easy doesn’t get the results diversity does! Learn to recognize, work with (and occasionally around), and celebrate the differences that lead to exceptional team performance!

  • What’s Your Personality IQ?
  • Deal with Difficult People!
  • Let Someone Else Get Your Own Way!
  • First-Rate Facilitation for Active Learning

Raise and Teach Healthy Children!


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Practice skills to make it easy for kids to develop healthy habits by meeting their needs (belonging, independence, mastery, and generosity to name a few) and teaching them social-emotional skills that contribute to excellence in personal and work interactions, academics, and every facet of healthy life!

  • School-Age Care Credential Prep Course
  • Raise Healthy Active Kids!
  • Prevent Childhood Obesity!
  • Character and Values Education
  • Create a Cool Cafeteria!
  • Create a Self-Disciplined Children’s Program!
  • Show Kids What an Adult with High Self-Esteem Looks Like! (I’ll show you how!)

For a description of any of the above topics or to discuss a custom-made workshop, contact

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