Reviews of Come Back

 Tina Hogan Grant: Loved it!  Sally Crosiar’s book Come Back was a fun, quick read that I enjoyed immensely and I do have to say I was intrigued after reading the blurb before I even started reading the book.
When I began the book, it took me a few pages to get into the country swang of the characters. But within minutes I was easily able to detect the accent in the writing.
The story takes place in the small town of Freedom, Iowa, where everyone seems to know everyone’s business. Living in a small town myself, the way Crosiar described the town and the way she portrayed it to the reader was spot on.
One aspect of books that I tend to like; are short chapters. I soon lose interest with stories that have long drawn out chapters. If I have to count the pages to the next chapter, the story is losing me. I was pleased to see Come Back had short chapters, keeping me engaged. I liked how each chapter was written in the 1st person by each character. Going in depth about their thoughts, why they did what they did and their reasoning. Each chapter clearly showed the voice and personality of the character. As the reader, this method worked. I felt like these people were my neighbors. I got to know them really well.
I don’t want to give any spoilers in my review, but I do want to mention that one of the characters – Sadie hit close to home. What she’s going through, I’m experiencing with my mother and it’s tough.  Her character gave me an essence of sadness and how Crosiar portrays her illness couldn’t be any more perfect.
The book is a page-turner with many surprises that kept me wanting to know more. I was, however, able to predict the ending, but that’s okay. Crosiar answered many questions with detailed answers and covered a lot of history about the characters before getting to that point.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I was sorry to see it end. I wanted to know what was going to happen over the next three days. This is a book that won’t disappoint you. I highly recommend it. Thank you, Sally, for the awesome read.

 Families……good, evil and secrets they hold Come back is a good read that tells the story of a young girl as she returns home after running away as a teen. The characters are interesting and well developed as they carry the reader to an emotionally compelling end.

 Honeybee: This is a story that will touch everyone one way or the other. This is a well-written story that keeps your interest to the very end. Still wanting more of the story. Sally developed her characters with a great depth into their souls. I feel that she could continue this story along many lines. Will be looking for future stories from Sally.

 S.K.’s Mom: A fast-moving, entertaining story, with well-drawn characters that are cleverly revealed in the first-person chapters as you go along. A really enjoyable read! I didn’t want it to end!

 Tracie: You won’t be able to set this book down!
So, I’m going to try not go on and on about how much I enjoyed this book. I love VI in so many ways. After everything that she endured on her path to adulthood, I feel that she is the strong, determined independent woman that In many parts I can relate to. At first, I felt bad for Ben but not by the end. I do wish that Vi will stay and make a life with Nate and somehow reconnect with her father. Who knows, anything can happen, right? As far as Sadie, who I need to mention, I could connect with. I have had the unfortunate displeasure recently of watching a loved one slip away from Alzheimer. I recommend this wonderful book! I also look forward to Sally’s next best seller.
 Sally: Fabulous! I was pulled into this story from the beginning and didn’t stop reading till ‘The End’. Completely engrossed, hoping for a good end so hard! My chest is tight with emotion.
Worth reading? Oh, yeah.
 Amazon Customer: Timely! From the opening sentence when the mysterious Vi stands at the graves of her ancestors contemplating why she’s there, COME BACK is a kaleidoscope of characters with secrets, jumping from one to the next until the end, when all comes to light. It’s part mystery, part love story. The book is an exciting read sure to be enjoyed.
 Tracy: Nothing Less than Spectacular! Come Back’s timely release in this #metoo environment, tells the story of a young woman who comes home after ten years of estrangement from her family to face the unintended consequences of running away in shame from the traumatic events that drove her from her home.
Being a HUGE fan of Jodi Picoult, Sally’s style of learning each characters secrets from chapter to chapter keeps the story fast-paced with a race to the exciting conclusion! I was on the edge of my seat and did not want to put it down.
I highly recommend this book, you will not be disappointed!
Kindle Customer: Interesting First Novel Come Back starts slow, introducing you to the voices of many different characters. The slow burn builds to an exciting blowout when everyone’s secrets come out.
 Kim: I flew through the book…
Like any new author, it sometimes takes me a bit to sync up with the prose style and format. Once I re-wired my brain to conform I flew through the book. Here’s a story with characters fully-fleshed out and real. The plot relied on no gimmicks to be compelling and the picture of small-town America was dead on. Character and plot development proceeded at just the right pace to conclude with a plausible and satisfying ending. Really can’t say enough good things about this other than I can totally see a screenplay waiting in the wings. The dreaded question for all new authors must be “That was great, when is your next book coming out?”
 Pat: Great book — I highly recommend it.
I truly enjoyed this book. I love the way the story was told through each of the different characters in the book. The characters were well developed as was the storyline. I had a hard time putting the book down. We were on a trip and I hated to take my turn driving because I wanted to keep reading. I highly recommend this book.
 Jim: I usually don’t read a lot of fiction but a friend recommended this novel and I am glad I listened. Love the way the author makes you feel close to everyone in the story. Having each character narrate a chapter makes it fun and easy to relate to them. Having a friend with early dementia I was able to this develop very clearly in her mother character. Enjoyed the novel very much and would recommend it. Will donate it to our local small town library.
 Betsy: Spellbinding! COME BACK is a spellbinding novel about a teenage girl’s abrupt departure from her home after a horrifying incident.
The mystery of her departure is suspensefully developed, and the depth of the characters is masterfully is portrayed. You will not be able to put the book down.
COME BACK, which lends itself to a discussion of today’s social mores, would be an excellent choice for book clubs.
 Jody: Come Back tells the story of a young woman who comes home after ten years of estrangement from her family to face the unintended consequences of running from traumatic events. The Jodi Picoult style of learning each characters secrets from chapter to chapter keeps the story fast-paced with a race to the exciting conclusion! Our book club discussion was lively and gave Come Back five stars!
 Amy: Outstanding Debut Novel! Wow! What an amazing book! The story unfolds like a luscious onion in its many layers of complexity. The characters are well drawn and developed, making you want to reach into the book and interact with them. Great use of language and expression befitting each. We all have met these people at some time or another in our lives, which makes the story all so much more real to have them all together. I highly recommend this first novel from a new author, and look forward to more from her!
 Barb: Realistic! Told from the point of view of several characters, this book grabbed me from the first page. Great story development and realistic personalities made for pleasurable reading and an authentic outcome. Each character stayed wonderfully and annoyingly true to self until the very last page. A great book to enjoy on my vacation!
 Terry: An excellent read! It has been a very long time since I have felt compelled to stay up most of the night reading! I really enjoyed getting to know the characters as well as understanding the choices that they had made during their lives. Thanks for the sleepless night!

 Amazon customer: A Literary Must 

William Falkner said, “The only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself. “Sally Crosiar’s debut novel is all about conflict in the hearts of folks in a small town. In “Come Back” Crosiar uses the technique of having every chapter devoted to the point of view of one of her main characters, starting with her hero, Vi. This allows her to show the conflict driving each character. Pride, fear, and lust simmer for years, then Vi comes back and things boil over. This is a must read as it has all the attributes of good literary fiction, combined with suspense and action.
 Michelle: I want more! True test for how much I loved this book – I want more. I want to know what happens next. This book kept me up at night and extended my lunch hour by 15 minutes. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters; even Ben and Tammy. I needed to keep reading so I could see if there truly was going to be a happy ending. The characters and the storyline kept my attention and kept me moving through the book. I can’t wait to read the next book. (Full disclosure: Sally is my aunt. Anyone who knows me and how I feel about books, the author is secondary. The characters and story are primary. Everything I wrote above was not influenced by the family relationship.)
 Amazon customer: Great debut novel! 
Loved this book! I recommend you buy it or that you ask your local librarian to add it to their collection, or both. The story revolves around Victoria who has returned to her small hometown of Freedom, Iowa, after mysteriously running away ten years before. “Vi” has, during those years, become a star. Told from several characters’ viewpoints, the book swiftly pulls the reader in as there is certainly a secret to be uncovered. This is a debut novel and many of the best books I have recently read have been the author’s first. Perhaps this can become a good selling book. I hope so as it deserves to be.

 Karen: Highly recommended read!

Come Back is a nice blend of romance and mystery, an excellent read. I was kept in suspense as to why Vi left ten years before and what happened in her relationships with family and people in her home town, particularly Nate. Several characters have their own perspective and story developed, in unexpected ways. A fun, pleasingly paced story. Enjoyed it very much and recommend it.
 Terry: Cuts close to your heart
This story is so well woven dealing with major issues of today. The characters come to life and become close to your heart as they developed and contend with the challenges.
Kate Collier: innovative and compelling 
In Come Back, Crosiar uses an unusual format–telling a pivotal event through the eyes of four key players–with skill and effectiveness. Drama, passion, tenderness, suspense … this is a great read!
 Jodi: The Perfect Summer Read 
Come Back is a fast-paced character dialogue-driven story about love and redemption. The book captures the flavors of small-town American while addressing universal issues. The chapters jump from one character’s point of view to the next that gives us a different version of what really happened creating suspense and excitement! Part mystery, part romance, this is the perfect summer read!