Free E-Book!

Today’s post is a quickie – just to inform you that my debut novel Come Back is FREE today – and I don’t want you to miss it! Get your copy here. Yes, FREE! This deal expires at midnight tonight, so jump on it while you can!

In Come Back, you’ll read about Vi Masters’ return to the small town of Freedom, Iowa, a place she hoped never to see again when she fled ten years before. Meet Vi’s father Ben, her stepmother Tammy, and Nate her nearly requited high school love. You’ll also meet Shirley Hoffman who plays a pivotal role in helping Vi face her past. Lee – she changed her name to leave her own past behind – becomes a lead player in my next novel Look Up due to hit the shelves early in 2023.

Your download will help others notice my book, so thank you in advance! And if you’d like to help even more, please consider leaving a truthful review at the same link.

Thank you, dear readers!

I appreciate you more than you can ever imagine!

And how cool is this? Come Back got to the top of Amazon’s Best-Selling Contemporary Literary Fiction list! Hot diggety for Vi Masters!

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